This story is about a young  7 year old a boy,  who faces some tough obstacles in life. He has educational issues which mean that some aspects of school and social relationships are difficult, and despite eagerly wanting to be active like any child his age, he can face real challenges. He wants to run and play and climb like any child, but sometimes it feels like the rest of the world is stopping him.

These are photos of his first encounter with a climbing wall last year, which he absolutely loved. Suddenly here was something demanding and exciting, that he could do.


His mum says:

“He said it was exciting and he got a funny feeling in his tummy. He loved it because when he was climbing, if he could not make it to the top one way, he would work out a different route. He said the best part was getting to the top and discovering something that he was really good at. He realised there was no right or wrong way, he could work out for himself the best way to reach the top. The only thing he didn’t like is that we don’t have a wall close enough for him to go every day. One day he wants to climb as high as the stars! He says he can’t wait to climb on Jake’s wall.”


“From my point of view it was the most rewarding moment as a parent, my son struggles with reading and writing, but up on that climbing wall none of that mattered. His worries disappeared and he found something that made him feel excited to keep on trying to get to the top and not give up. The concentration on his face when working out what holds to use, and the smile on his face as he reached the top was fabulous to see.”


“It has helped him gain confidence, and understand and develop his problem-solving skills. He had to learn to tie knots, which even gave him the confidence to keep working to tie his shoes which he can now do!”


The photos of this young man at work on the wall show some cool moves! Along with fantastic attention, concentration and determination. A huge achievement, resulting in significantly improved confidence and self –belief.


Something he can do, and do well.


“I want to go again and go higher!

I want to climb to the stars

I want to climb on Jake’s wall!”


This young boy is Jake’s cousin- we know Jake would be very proud of him and really keen to get him climbing


Thanks to him and his Mum for sharing this story