Jake was an intelligent, responsible, reliable, easy going, enthusiastic and lovable young man who loved life, his friends and family. He enjoyed all sports although never excelled at the traditional sports offered at school such as football, cricket and rugby. He enjoyed skiing and cycling but it was climbing that became his passion. He first climbed with his dad and family friends in Cornwall, then the Peak District, progressing to Scotland and Chamonix. When applying to university it was the opportunities the peak district offered that made Sheffield University his first choice.

He climbed during Fresher’s week and from then until when he left university he was an active member of the University High Peak Club. As a student he was an active member of the university High Peak Club and was social secretary during his second year, during his third year he continued to be actively involved with the club and continued to be involved in all the club activities.

His plans for his gap year following university year were mapped out; to live life to the full by climbing, skiing, volunteering for the Scout Association, and generally to have fun before thinking about a career.

He decided to miss his Graduation Ceremony as the mountains were his focus and he wanted to get to Chamonix, France as soon as possible. He was excited to be spending a month climbing with his university friends before going across to Switzerland to the Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC) to be a Climbing Instructor (where he had worked the previous year as a Snow and Ice Guide).  This time however, he was especially keen to return to KISC to volunteer as part of the Scout activities team so he could participate more fully in supporting all the outdoor activities, not just the snow and ice activities.  As preparation, during the previous year Jake had been volunteering with a Scout Group in Sheffield and undertaking ‘Scout Leader’ training in order to be able to apply to work at KISC as part of the scout activity team.

Jake was always keen to share his love of climbing with others, and was keen to encourage everyone including friends and family, old and young to “have a go”

He would consider the development of a climbing wall at his old school awesome!