I am sorry that I am communicating via Facebook but unfortunately I’ve not been able to get hold of your address to send you a note. I’m sure you have recently been inundated with messages but I hope you don’t mind me sharing a few words with you now too.

I worked as a hike guide at KISC over Summer 2013 and had the great pleasure of working with Jake for the season. He was a joy to get to know and share some fabulous moments with. Although for the majority of the season the SNICE guides and hike guides were in different regions it was always a pleasure to come back to the centre to be greeted with Jake’s smiling face and compare stories of the latest adventures.

It wasn’t just back at the centre where we heard stories of Jake. On hikes the scouts would tell me what a great time they were having at KISC, I’d ask them what they’d been doing so far, and on numerous occasions I heard that they’d been up to the glacier. I was told of this really funny tall guy with glasses and great hair who had shown them how to jump over crevasses and was super quick at ice climbing. I remember one group calling him “SMJ”, or as I later found out it to mean, “superman Jake” – I couldn’t really compete with their new found hero could I!!

At the end of the season Jake and David took a group of the staff up to the Fründenhütte for our very own SNICE experience. Those two days were some of the best of that summer, so much fun was had by all thanks to Jake’s natural gift with people and mountaineering.

Back in the UK a group of us went up to Sheffield for the weekend for a walk and a catch up. The long drive from Exeter to Sheffield was well worth it! Jake kindly hosted us, another weekend full of memories and time spent with new but great friends.

I’m sure these little anecdotes will come as no surprise, but you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers over the past couple of months. I will forever treasure my memories and look back fondly at the time I spent with your fabulous son.

With all my love and prayers,
Annie xx